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worth every star.......
that was awesome

Bahaha awesome

Someone killed Michael Jackson with a Death note... OFMG YOUR RIGHT! why hasn't anyone else noticed his?
this was an awesome flash, nice job.


AHHHHHHHH! don't scare me like that dude....

DrpOpZ responds:

I felt obligated to let you be haunted by my demons...
Thanks for the vote!

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Final score of 2k something, this game is hard as hell. I applaud you for making me laugh at Hitler and what he did. 5 stars and top vote for you.

great game, but I have problems

This is a great game, my problem is that every once and a while it sticks.
For example, the first time I played, the possessing stopped working.
The second time I got stuck in the globe. It kept doing the spook when I wasn't pressing anything and space didn't get me out of it. Other than that, its a great game.

Good, but, impossible

I can't get past level 17. I need one more piece that you haven't supplied.
Great game,but add another big block on level 17 and I can give you the proper score this game deserves.

obuw responds:

17 is definitely one of the trickier levels! If you can't get past it, you can check the solutions to see what you are missing.

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This is amazing. I feel the good vibes coming from it. The intro sounded vaguely familiar, did you take inspiration from anything?

TastyTeo responds:

I started the project very randomly and I finished it in about 2 and a half hours so i guess that was kinda self inspiring, I could say that it reminds me Eurodancer by DJ Mangoo (I realised that when i finished the song haha, i guess because the melody of eurodancer used to get stuck into my head before like 2 years) but my inspirations are many, in this particular i would say Mangoo and DJ Contacreast

All my stars to you. Like your other works, this is epic. I meant what I said when this was still a WIP. Keep up the good work, this is amazing.

TastyTeo responds:


A little short, but very nice to listen too.

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you will be assimilated!
I love it.

About me? well....erhm... I like to make music, mostly techno, but I have made a few classical-ish melodies. I'm currently self teaching some html5, javascript, java, and a little bit of php. Trying my hand at some web games.

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